Advertising Tips for Handyman Services | Small Business

So you’re a jack-of-all-trades and can fix anything your tools touch, but you can’t get a customer for your handyman services business to save your life. You can take steps to change this situation by putting together an effective marketing strategy for your handyman business. Marketing a handyman services business is no different from marketing any other business, in many respects. However, there are some potential differences and some additional avenues for you to market your business that can be particularly effective for your industry.

Electronic Marketing

In today’s digital age, a successful handyman should take advantage of the Internet as an advertising venue. Using the Internet for marketing need not be costly. Websites such as Craigslist make it possible for a handyman to post his services for free and gain a tremendous amount of exposure in his local community. This works especially well in or near large cities, since Craigslist focuses on most major American cities. Other online classified websites also offer this opportunity, but with less exposure. For instance, has an entire category devoted to those who provide services such as handyman work. also has a services section. Both websites allow you to post for free. You can upgrade to enhance your ads for a nominal fee.

Mobile Advertising

For a nominal cost you can have a magnetic sign created, containing your business name and phone number, that will stick to the doors of the truck or utility vehicle that you drive to each job site. Having additional signs created for the back of your vehicle is a good idea also. People spend considerable time behind you at an intersection and you never know who may be in the market for a handyman. Those long waits between green lights gives someone plenty of time to write down your business name and number.

Social and Religious Organizations

Social and religious organizations also provide opportunities to advertise your business. Both word of mouth and print advertising in these types of venues can spread the word about your services very quickly. Local business association meetings and church events provide you with an opportunity to network and let people know about your business. Advertising in your local church bulletin and placing cards on the church (or other house of worship) bulletin board can provide further exposure.

Yard Signs

One way to spread the word about your services is to print some nice looking yard signs to place on the lawn of those to whom you provide your services. Offer your customers a 10 percent discount if they’ll agree to leave one of your signs in the front yard for a predetermined period of time after you complete your job. Ask customers to leave your sign standing for up to a month if they’re willing. This will ensure that you have plenty of additional exposure to passers-by. Pick up the signs at the end of the specified period to ensure that the customer maintained the agreement and to save yourself on advertising costs in the long run. Reuse signs that remain in good shape.

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