Acadia Parish food processor invests in $2.85M renovation; to hire 35 workers | Business

Local food processor Cajun Traditions expects to invest $2.85 million for a renovation of a more than 40-year old building in Acadia Parish. 

The Church Point meat processing business expects to hire 35 workers with an average salary of $25,505 and open its doors by the end of 2020. It anticipates to ramp up hiring the 35 workers by 2025. 

The site was previously an 80,000 square foot garment manufacturing facility for Garan and the property was purchased by Cajun Traditions this year. It expects to install new equipment such as smokehouse machinery, repair the roof and pour new concrete slabs. 

Cajun Traditions was founded in July 2019 and its co-owners are Lonnie Richard, his brother, Todd Richard and their nephew, Benjamin Richard. 

The company expects to produce sausage, boudin and other meat products with Cajun flair. 

“Cajun Traditions gets back to the roots of sausage-making,” said Lonnie Richard in a news release. 

In exchange for the capital investment, the state of Louisiana offered a $300,000 performance-based incentive agreement through the Economic Development Award Fund to help pay for infrastructure costs. 

Cajun Traditions expects to apply for Enterprise Zone and Industrial Tax Exemption Program incentives in the future. 

“The launch of this company reflects a great win for Acadiana and exemplifies the potential that our region has to recover,” said Troy Wayman, CEO of One Acadiana in a news release. 

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