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Garden City Police Department looking for feedback in survey for strategic planning process

The Garden City Police Department is looking for feedback as part of its planning process for a strategic plan.

In the past weeks, a survey for the GCPD has been included in Garden City residents’ utilities bills asking for their participation in a survey for the GCPD.

Police Chief Michael Utz said participation in the survey is necessary to help the department in a develop better themselves.

“That survey is being sent out to get feedback so that we can create the strategic plan on what the police department sees are needs, what the community sees are needs to make sure that we’re operating within, providing a service and performance to our community that is expected,” he said. “It’s one piece of the puzzle to help us develop our strategic plan.”

Other measurable items in the strategic plan include the GCPD’s monthly and annual report of crime data, community policing, training, budget, organizational structure, the city’s goals, etc., Utz reported.

“We’ll gather all this up and then take a core group of individuals from the department and from the city and the community to sit down and evaluate all of this information and then identify what goals need to be established, sub-goals and ways to measure those goals,” he said.

Utz said he hopes to hear from as many individuals as possible and that respondents are honest in their responses so they can “evaluate the common themes that we see in those and make that part of our process so that we can establish those goals and that strategic plan.”

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