A guide for turning a vehicle into a home, according to van lifers

The coronavirus pandemic has led to international travel restrictions and has shifted travel trends from planes to cars. Some people are taking road tripping to the next level by moving into vans and traveling full-time.

We talked to both seasoned vanlifers and newcomers about how they’re making it on the road, from how they make use of limited space to what they eat for dinner. Here’s what you should know before uprooting your life to explore the open road.

Living and working in a van

Kara and Nate Buchanan spent the last four years traveling the world, but the international travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic led them to van life in the US.

Aside from being full-time van lifers, Kara and Nate are bloggers, so they spend a lot of time on their laptops. Check out how they make their tiny space work for them:

A Tennessee couple bought a sprinter van for $40,000 to travel across the US during the pandemic. Take a look inside their tiny home, which doubles as their office.

How to maximize your living space in a van

Sara and Alex James have converted more than a dozen vans into tiny homes. Before that, they lived in a van themselves.

Another couple, Kara and Nate Buchanan, recently purchased a converted sprinter van and renovated it to best suit their lives, especially while traveling during a pandemic. 

Both couples told Business Insider how they made the most of a small space:

2 couples who have turned vans into tiny homes share their best tips on how to get started in vanlife — and how to make a tiny space feel big enough to live in

How to convert a van yourself

Michael Talley transformed a $4,500 used ambulance into a $30,000 solar-powered home. He shared photos and step-by-step details on how he built his tiny home:

A Texas man bought an old ambulance from a landscaping company for $4,500 and spent $10,000 converting it into his dream tiny home. Here’s how he did it.

Going from corporate life to van life

Lee Asher quit his corporate job and six-figure paycheck to travel the US and help rescue dogs find a home. Read his story for ideas on how to start a van life of your own — and make your tiny home pet-friendly.

A former corporate trainer who used to spend his days running seminars about strategy and motivation gave up his six-figure salary to live in a van with 10 rescue dogs. We got a look into his life.

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