100 years ago in Spokane: Why a new school’s single-story design was seen as a ‘modern ideal’

The Spokesman-Review printed an architect’s rendering of the soon-to-be-built Hutton School in the Rockwood district.

The headline: “New Grade School a Model.”

The paper said that the school would represent “a new era” and is “representative of the latest thought and highest standards in school design.”

It was planned after observing schools in 38 other cities.

What made it so modern?

For one thing, it was a one-story building.

“Modern ideals demand that youngsters of the grade be exempted from climbing stairs.”

Also, it was designed for “an abundance of properly admitted light and fresh air.”

The aesthetics were also of an advanced nature.

“The style of architecture is called Italian villa,” the paper said. “The building is to have a roof of genuine tile and the outer walls are to be very coarse stucco over brick.

“In fact, the new school will resemble in many respects to fine homes which occupy the district it is to serve.”

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