10 Instagram Reel Ideas For Summer & Getting To Know This New Feature

Instagram recently debuted its Reels feature, and you might still be figuring out how to record eye-catching video clips within the app and piece them together. The feature is curated and crisp like your fave influencer’s IG feed, and you have the entire library of story effects and fonts you can use in your creation. It might be somewhat overwhelming at first, so here are some Instagram Reel ideas for summer to get the creative juices flowing.

That way, you can spend your time dreaming up cool transitions to do with your hoodie or setting your phone up so the self-timer can work its magic in a bloomin’ field of wildflowers. Of course — like anything else you may post on social media — Reels is not one, giant competition to go viral. You should create what makes you happiest and what speaks to your soul the most. Although these ideas for summer-themed vids are here to give you some inspiration, let your own creativity shine.

As long as your content makes you smile, laugh, or say, “Oh, heck yeah! I made that,” you’re good to go. These ideas have that potential and will get you more involved with the app’s latest feature.

1. A Montage Of A Beach Day

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If you have plans to safely set up your beach towel and take in the views of the shore this weekend, then bring this idea to life. Piece together clips of your feet getting soaked by the ocean or your best friend catching a frisbee that you just threw. If you’re chilling in your backyard with a kiddie pool instead, show off a table of mocktail ingredients you may have set up or the bright blue sky. Put those clips to “Sunset Lover” by Petit Biscuit.

2. A Guide On How To Make A Smoothie

This idea lets you share a smoothie recipe with your followers and coach them from your kitchen. Start creating it by laying out your go-to ingredients on your counter and panning over the coconut water, frozen fruit, yogurt, or protein powder you use. Then, hold your lens over the blender cup and throw your ingredients into it one at a time while recording. End the video by dipping your straw into the smoothie and taking a sip.

3. A Look Into Your Favorite Outfits

Don’t underestimate how fun it can be to have a fashion show on Reels and use your summery shoes to create clean transitions. To do this, start by picking out your go-to looks of the season and hanging them on a rolling rack. Place four or five pairs of shoes you’ll be wearing next to the rack, such as heels or white sneakers. With each outfit, “hop” into a new pair and then strike a confident or chic pose. The final product will make you so proud.

4. A Timelapse Of A DIY Home Project

In your spare time, you may watch room transformations vids on YouTube so you have an idea of what this Reel idea could look like IRL. It could show the “before” of your bedroom and the “after” when it’s been painted, organized, and filled with a vintage-looking dresser and bed frame. It could use the speed effects within the feature to create a time lapse of the process: you vacuuming, planting new plants, and making your bed.

5. A Video Of Your Skateboarding Skills

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Show off your skateboarding skills on the ‘gram with this idea that captures your best tricks and tips. You can record as you race down ramps, or have your SO bring your phone close to your feet as you do a kickflip. Turn this Reel idea into a sweet teaching moment or a tutorial by adding your own audio which describes your footwork in 15 seconds or less.

6. A Tour Of Your Backyard Camping Setup

If you’re being outdoorsy in your backyard this summer, show it off on Reels. Give your followers a tour of the lights you have hanging up on the inside of your tent and the fire pit you made yourself. Record clips of you and your BFF making s’mores and even rolling out your sleeping bags under the stars, taking pics on disposable cameras, and lighting sparklers. It’ll be inspo for others to do the same, and make the most of their space.

7. A Screen Recording Of Your Editing Style

Those who have spent the last few months learning the ins and outs of the Lightroom app or messing around with presets will love this artsy idea. It requires you to record your screen while you edit one of the summery pictures you’ve posted. It’ll show your followers what apps you open and use, and how you work with the highlight and shadow levels. If your edit takes longer than 15 seconds (which is very likely), use the speed effects to turn this video into a time lapse for Reels.

8. A Taste-Test Of A Grill Recipe You Tried

Nothing goes together quite like grilling and summer. You can draw inspo from a recipe from your favorite food account’s feed, and then make it for yourself and taste-test it on Reels. Be sure to show yourself grilling, as well as the BBQ chicken or turkey burgers sizzling over the open flame. Hold up on your fingers what you would rate the meal on a scale of one to 10 at the end of the video.

9. A Roundup Of Summer Textures You Love

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Have you hopped on the new “summer textures” trend yet? It can be turned into a Reel idea, too, by putting your lens super close to a patch of sand, palm leaf, pineapple skin, or slice of a lemon and then zooming out slowly. If you record three to five of these clips, you can then put them together in the app and create a really aesthetically-pleasing video. Ocean waves, the fringe on your beach umbrella, and the rough texture of your cooler can also be eye-catching subjects.

10. A Glimpse Into Your Morning Or Night Routine

Last but not least, a clever Reel idea you can recreate is to give your followers a glimpse into your summer-inspired morning or nighttime routine. Show your products, what books you are reading, the plants you water, and what you eat for dessert or breakfast. It’ll be an easy way to get to know this feature on Instagram and document this beautiful season.

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