You Ask, We Answer: Is Wilson Park still slated for renovation? | You Ask, We Answer

EAU CLAIRE (WQOW) – It’s time to splash into another segment of You Ask, We Answer.  Monday’s question comes from Jonathan who is wondering if Wilson Park is still slated for renovation?’

The old water fountain in Wilson Park in Eau Claire was originally scheduled to be replaced with a water feature two years ago, but due to the pandemic, it was placed on the back burner.

In 2019, the Community Service Department sent out a survey, and as a result, Eau Claire residents said they wanted to replace the fountain with a water feature.

Parks and forestry manager Steve Plaza said this project will be funded through hotel/motel room taxes, but in 2020 when it was originally slated to be redone, COVID hit. So, the city delayed the project because they were unsure there would be enough room taxes to fund it.

“They were going into 2020 not knowing a lot,” Plaza said. “A lot of unknowns, and they didn’t want to overextend themselves so the project is all engineered and ready to go. It just needs to be installed.”

Plaza said the fountain is in disrepair and over 50 years old, including it’s plumbing and pumps.

The new water feature will include several in-ground bubblers and boulders.

Plaza expects the $175,000 project to bring more families and foot traffic back to Wilson Park.

“It’ll just bring back beauty to the park. Hearing the water bubbling or gurgling, it’ll be nice,” Plaza said. “It’ll be a nice amenity back to Wilson Park and downtown Eau Claire.”

So to answer the question: Yes, the park will eventually be renovated.

Construction is slated to begin in April or May of next year. Officials plan for the water feature to be ready by summer of 2023.

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