Urban Loop Studio spotlights custom remodel in Dallas

The Dallas Builders Association’s Home of the Week is a custom remodel in Dallas designed by Urban Loop Studio.

“What was once an average cookie-cutter home has been transformed into a charming, one-of-a-kind home, with every upgrade providing a unique perspective into the lives of the homeowners,” said an Urban Loop Studio spokesperson.

While every room was made into a work of art, the living room and kitchen are especially awe-inspiring. The two rooms were originally divided by a wall, making both spaces feel closed in and a bit drab. Removing the wall greatly improved the natural lighting in the kitchen and makes the whole space feel airy and open, said the spokesperson.

Anyone working at the kitchen’s large island now has a full view of the vaulted ceiling and an eclectic fireplace in the living room. The vaulted ceiling gives the impression of more space in the room. In the words of the homeowner, “The original thought for lifting the ceiling was to provide a seamless connection between the kitchen and open living space. Creating the true vault and accentuating the ceiling with beams ties the whole space together into a wonderful entertaining space that opens up into our back patio.”

The fireplace used to be surrounded by ordinary painted brick, but it is now the focal point of custom cabinets that extend all the way to the ceiling. The cabinet design is artistic and functional: The homeowners can show off their prized possessions and drawers on the bottom discreetly provide extra storage space.

Perhaps the most eye-catching feature of the room is the 25-foot-wide sliding door that leads to the outdoor oasis. This space was originally occupied by a single door and three windows that were blocked by a large TV, severely limiting the amount of natural sunlight that came into the living room and the view. As a result, the room felt dim and depressing. Now the TV is placed on the cabinets and sunlight streams through the sliding door. When fully open, the sliding door serves as a portal to a pool, barbecue deck and secluded garden path that circles around to a fire pit. The connectivity of the indoor and outdoor space is perfect for the homeowners, who love to entertain.

This design in particular highlights the value that custom renovations provide to clients. The kitchen was designed to make the homeowners feel like honored chefs who are able to socialize with guests and less caterers.

The homeowners were completely satisfied with the end result, saying, “We really loved working with Urban Loop Studio. They brought our ideas and inspirations to life. We deliberately made bold choices and could not be more happy with the outcome.”

If you would like to see your home and your life similarly transformed, contact Urban Loop Studio. Take the first step by visiting the website www.urbanloopstudio.com/ebook.

This Home of the Week is presented by the Dallas Builders Association. For information on the association, visit www.dallasbuilders.com.