Milky Moos renovations almost complete | News

Workers couldn’t get on the roof and tear those layers off from above, so they had to go from the bottom up, which meant getting rid of both ceilings — the white drop ceiling customers were used to seeing and the original wood ceiling — and going through all of the interior walls and the plumbing and electrical coming through the walls. They also had to bring in lifts to hold the roof up while they worked.

“The contractor just told me today that when they were in the process of bracing it up, a section of it started to come down,” she said. “They were able to get it up safely so they could at least work on it. If one of them had fallen, it would have been a domino effect.”

With exterior construction already taking place, she decided to go ahead and make changes inside she’d wanted to when it first opened.

The dining area has been made larger by moving the kitchen wall back, and in order to have enough room in the kitchen, the party room had to be removed. The drop ceiling was not replaced, so the room looks and feels much bigger with a tall ceiling.

The interior has received a makeover, too, with new paint on the walls and new flooring. The contractors from Mcduffie Construction even had a few ideas of their own they wanted to implement, with Gray’s full support.

Wood accents around the room are made from as much of the original ceiling they could salvage. The cow print behind the ice cream bar was their idea, as well. They are also building bar-sized tables to go in the front windows, plus a few more surprises customers will see when Milky Moos reopens soon.

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