Less pancaking from Pikachu, reworks for Little Mac and online improvements would be great for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s 9.0 patch tomorrow

Minecraft’s Steve, Alex, Zombie and Enderman will become available to use in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tomorrow, October 13. It’s also been confirmed that the version 9.0.0 patch for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will implement adjustments to the game’s balance as replays from earlier versions will become incompatible.

As such, there are plenty of changes that would be good for the health of the game. Here’s a few changes that’d be nice to see in version 9.0.0’s patch notes tomorrow.

While Super Smash Bros. Ultimate feels fairly well balanced for a fighting game that has 81 characters, it’s fairly obvious that some of the weaker characters tend to struggle against the top tiers.

Of course, some fighters are designed in such a way that they are quite difficult to just give buffs to at the moment. Little Mac has an obnoxious ground game, but really suffers in the air and while recovering. Luigi and the Ice Climbers can perform touch of death combos, but have poor options in the neutral.

Previously, Ike was essentially known as being “Nair the character.” This essentially meant that his entire gameplan revolved around jumping and using neutral aerials since the attack was an effective tool to hit confirm with.

Ike was reworked in such a way so that there was more emphasis on some of Ike’s other options. While his neutral aerial did lose some utility in the process (it’s still good), the character became more interesting overall.

Characters like Little Mac, Luigi and the Ice Climbers need some reworks as straight buffs to their kits may not necessarily be healthy for the game.

Kirby, Bowser Jr., Incineroar, King Dedede, Donkey Kong, King K. Rool, Marth and a few others could probably just make do with buffs to boost their viability.

Finally, Captain Falcon’s initial dash animation could use reworking. For whatever reason, Captain Falcon tends to move backwards a little bit when changing directions. It feels like Captain Falcon’s initial dash animation needs to be cleaned up so he doesn’t shift his hurtboxes so wildly.

Aside from Pichu and Olimar, the top tiers haven’t seen much in the way of nerfs throughout Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s lifespan. Ironically, Pikachu is often regarded as the strongest fighter in the game but has yet to receive a single nerf.

It’d be nice if Pikachu didn’t “pancake” after landing with certain aerials. I suspect Pikachu is a fair bit safer than intended when landing with aerials as he can be seen low profiling a good bit. Maybe make Pikachu’s neutral special, the Thunder Jolt, a little less spammable by increasing the start up or recovery frames.

Other characters that could likely use nerfs include Mr. Game & Watch (up special start up), Zero Suit Samus (Flip Kick), Peach (overall damage), Daisy (overall damage), Shulk, Wario (Waft), and Joker (infinite combos with up air).

Patch 8.1.0 implemented improvements to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s online gameplay. The patch notes hinted that further improvements could be on the way.

Unfortunately, it looks like rollback netcode is impossible according to Masahiro Sakurai. Still, any improvements to the online experience would be an objectively good adjustment to make in 9.0.0.

Pikachu pancakes source: Japanesestuffchannel.

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