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The Dunkirk Planning Board approved a change in color to the exterior of the Tim Hortons in Dunkirk as well as the installation of new digital menu boards at the location.

Outside improvements were the focus of a recent Dunkirk Planning Board meeting.

Dave Kron, owner of Tim Hortons in Dunkirk, sought approval for a new menu boards he’s looking to put up.

“We wish to replace our existing menu boards with new one,” Kron said. “The ones that are currently there are dated, they’ve been there 13 years and they are in need of repair so we are looking to replace.”

The new boards will be digital and the speaker is already there. The board agreed with his request and also approved another request he had to repaint the building in a shade of gray.

Rob’s Affordable Tires came next, looking to remove a series of large windows on the corner of the building and replacing them with smaller ones.

“What we want to do is just remove the glass panes, there’s no structure involved,” Chuck Maciejewski, a partner in the business said. “The sun in the office with the panes of glass is hot in the summer then in the winters, the panes and door are so old we try to heat it, but then when we get there in the morning, the door is frozen shut. It’s been an ongoing problem.”

They are looking to reapply vinyl lettering back up that matches the building and an open sign, but that seems to be it.

The laundromat formerly known as the Busy Bee on Route 5 is also seeing a makeover as the new owner has already repainted it a shade of gray and is now looking to put up simple white letters indicating it’s purpose.

All proposals were met with enthusiasm from the board and were approved.

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