Home Circuit’ Is Inspired Game Design Genius

While, like many, I was happy to see classic Super Mario games ported to the Switch, especially that of Super Mario Galaxy, I practically jumped for joy when I saw Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit in action.

The setup is wonderfully simple; you race actual mini radio-controlled karts around a track you create in your room. The twist is that the little carts have a camera and the race is done not only around your room but also as an augmented reality game on your Switch.

It’s complete game design genius to do something like this and it fits Mario Kart so beautifully.

It looks like you will be able to get different sets with either Mario or Luigi, as well as the augmented reality parts you need to build a track.

The game also supports up to 4-player multiplayer and will obviously include AI karts to race against as well.

Each set for the game will cost $99.99, which isn’t exactly cheap, but it makes sense considering what you are getting here.

Personally, I cannot wait to play this once it is finally released next month and I look forward to seeing more video games like this on the Switch.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is released on October 16 for the Switch.

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