GM Shares Sketches Of Mystery Small Crossover

General Motors Design has shared a series of new sketches for a rugged mystery crossover with a boxy silhouette and expressive LED light signatures.

Theses two sketches, which were posted by the GM Design Instagram account this week, show the front and rear-three quarter views of the unnamed off-roader. While the account did not say which GM brand it was designed for, we think there are a few clues that could point to this little five-door crossover being a GMC. The red front tow hooks, grille accents and wheel center caps remind us of the red accents on the GMC AT4 line of products, while the unique curve in the D-pillar takes on a C-shape to the GMC Sierra‘s headlights. The three-segment LED headlights and taillights also remind us of the curved three-segment lighting signatures embedded in the Sierra’s taillights.

That said, this crossover also has some cues that remind us of current-day Chevrolet products, such as the black plastic front grille and contrasting white roof.

We still think this wide-set, tough-looking crossover would make a great design for the rumored GMC subcompact crossover, though. As we reported previously, this rumored small crossover model was being deliberated over within GM before ultimately being taken off the table, but it may now be under consideration once again.

If it ever does arrive, the rumored B-segment GMC crossover is expected to wear either the Granite or Graphyte nameplates, (GM has filed to trademark these nameplates a couple of times over the past few years) and would likely ride on the same VSS-F platform as the Chevrolet Trailblazer and Buick Encore GX. The vehicle in this sketch has similar dimensions to those crossovers, though it looks much more focused on off-road capability than either the Trailblazer or Encore GX.

2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer

It’s unlikely that a future GMC crossover, or any new GM crossover for that matter, will look much like this. These sketches shared on the GM Design Instagram page are simply proposals and ideations for new vehicles, and it’s doesn’t seem as though GM would share approved sketches for upcoming production vehicles in such a casual way. That said, it’s always interesting to see what kind of projects GM designers spend their time on and what kinds of designs catch the automaker’s attention.

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