Bamberg hospital renovations continue; facility to become law enforcement, health complex | Local

Councilman Evert Comer Jr. said, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

In other matters, County Treasurer Alice Johnson provided the August financial report, stating that county income stood at $717,596.82, with expenses coming in at $638,632.04, leaving a positive balance of $78,964.78.

When the county’s negative bank balance at the end of July was subtracted, that actually left the county with a negative bank balance of $77,549.34.

County Finance Director T.M. Thomas stated in his report that the general fund generated $954,670 in year-to-date revenues as of the end of August. Expenditures stood at $1,069,272, leaving a negative balance of $114,603.

County Controller Gina Smith said county’s regular account, which Johnson reported on, will soon be bolstered with the addition of local option sales tax money.

“As soon as tax notices are mailed out … we’ll be able to transfer those funds in that property tax rollback account up into the county regular account,” Smith said.

Smith said the county has so far been reimbursed $3,431.22 by the state for compliance expenditures made in addressing the coronavirus.

The county has applied, however, for a total of $87,338 spent from March through June.

“I know that’s not really a big reason to celebrate, but it’s a start. … I asked about our Phase One expenditures and was told that they were still under review and that we would be getting reimbursed for our payroll expenses. So I’m pretty hopeful now that we’re going to get everything that we’ve submitted,” Smith said.

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