19 small bathroom ideas to make a tiny space a joy to use

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Our small bathroom ideas will help you transform the tiniest area of your home into one packed with personality and bold ideas. Of course, adding style and more functionality to a small bathroom may seem like an uphill struggle, but with just a few clever tricks, you can make this room practical and usable.

Our bathroom ideas will guide you on choosing the right paint colors, how to eke out more storage, and implementing ways to create an illusion of space. Take a look at our favorite small bathroom ideas to try.

19 small bathroom ideas that’ll squeeze the most from every inch

1. Use oversized tiles for an illusion of space

A small bathroom with large marble tiles on the wall

(Image credit: Baldiwala Edge)

You’ll be surprised at how clever bathroom tile ideas can change the dimensions of a space. By installing large-scale tiles on the floor and walls, you can create the feeling of a larger room. That’s because big tiles mean lesser grout lines so there are lesser visual breaks as one surveys the area.